What Parents on Snapchat Means for Brands | snapchat, brands, statistics, 2016

What Parents on Snapchat Means for Brands | snapchat, brands, statistics, 2016

Much like the trends seen on Facebook and Instagram, parents are getting on Snapchat. I really thought it would be one of those platforms that parents would leave alone, but they once again proved that they are just as tech savvy as their kids, and here they come. What does parents getting on Snapchat mean or brands? It means that brands have another channel to get in front of one of the highest paid audiences out there, and pay they will.

What Parents getting on Snapchat means to brands
Source: https://www.statista.com/chart/5183/snapchat-usage-by-age-group/

As you can see from this chart, from 18 on, Snapchat has seen huge growth over the past three years. As they expand their platform for marketers, they give us the opportunity to pay for filters where our audiences are engaging our products. To take that a step further, brands have to start deciding where audiences are not only engaging products, but opening up their apps to share it with others. Figuring this out may be easier than you think, especially since Snapchat now has analytics to back up their filters.

As I explain in the 1 minute Instagram post below about Snapchat analytics, you can put your filter out for a set amount of time in a location, and then see how many users actually engage with it.

If you want to test your brand on Snapchat, buy a filter that is geographically located where users are engaging your product or where you have their attention, and then monitor the data that follows. You will be able to start to build a publishing content calendar that includes the best filter type, timing and location to push your brand filters out to your audience. Think: in-store, events, around like brands. With the markets growing in every age demographic, it will be even more important to break down your spending to specific markets by age. I’m sure that we will see more analytic metrics come from Snapchat, but for now, you can get location, time and filter design metrics.

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