PokémonGo is a Glimpse of Augmented Reality for Marketing | pokemongo, augmented reality, marketing

PokémonGo is a Glimpse of Augmented Reality for Marketing | pokemongo, augmented reality, marketing

PokémonGo is this week’s trend, but it is really a glimpse into the future of a lot of things. If you aren’t familiar with this game or haven’t heard about it, this overview from the Verge will catch you up. Nintendo obviously hit this one out of the park reviving an old game, and making it integrate right into the favorite device of most humans – companies take note.

The overlying feeling for me is that this is just the beginning of something that has been in the works for years – augmented reality. I believe that AR has already surpassed what 3D was hoping to accomplish – reality environments that users can touch, see, hear and interact with. Although PokémonGo is designed for mobile devices, it utilizes the camera which in all reality is a simple idea. Using GPS, the camera, and some mad programming, it can place objects anywhere in the world that don’t actually exist.

What’s Marketing Have To Do With It? Everything.

Near Field Communication has been around for a while, and although I thought this technology would be adopted by big brands and integrated into mobile devices, I haven’t seen it take off like I would have liked to. But where NFC fails, an introduction in AR by PokémonGo could take off.

Imagine if you were walking through a shopping center, and opened an app that activated your camera and GPS, which would then show you actual clothing on sale in front of a store, in your walking path, without you ever going in. It could show sales, video, images, and even have a virtual assistant walk your through everything going on inside. That’s the future of AR. That’s exciting.

Marketers and brands could take advantage of this technology in multiple ways. We could place ads anywhere in the world, and just by activating an app, our audiences could consume, interact and purchase wherever they are.

Trust me, this is coming, if you doubt that, consider that Facebook named augmented and virtual reality one of its three pillars. The only question is how will you fit your brand into the market?

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