Email Marketing – Daily Marketing Tips Week #6

Email Marketing – Daily Marketing Tips Week #6

Email Marketing – Branding Your Emails – Daily Marketing Tip #28

Like everything with your business, branding should be a integrated part of your email marketing. Fonts, logos, color schemes and even tone and voice represent your brand. While email may not seem like it’s an advertising medium, it can be if done correctly. It today’s This is Marketing Daily Tip, I talk about the importance of having your brand person or creative director set up the design of your email campaigns so that your content writers can easily put them…

Email Marketing – Segmenting Subscriber Lists – Daily Marketing Tip #27

Segmenting email subscribers may be one of the hidden tricks of email marketing that most businesses overlook. If you have the ability to break down your users by the content they engage with the most, you will have higher engagement rates on the content that you send to them. In today’s This is Marketing Podcast, I break down some ideas about building segments, and testing content that will yield higher engagement rates.

Email Marketing – A/B Testing and Perfecting Content – Daily Marketing Tip #26

A/B testing is a vital part of email marketing. Being able to find the best subject lines and content for your email content will yield higher engagement and conversion rates on your overall campaigns. In today’s This is Marketing daily tip, I walk through how to A/B test emails for both subject lines and content.

Email Marketing – Choosing the Right Platform – Daily Marketing Tip #25

Email programs are a dime a dozen. But which is right for your business comes down to understanding which one will best support the call to actions and conversions of your email strategy. Today’s This is Marketing tip talks about choosing the right platform, and some questions to ask of the platform before you make that decision.

Email Marketing – How to Build Your List – Daily Marketing Tip #24

Slow building your email list can make for highly effective email campaigns. In today’s This is Marketing daily tip, I talk about how to integrate email subscriptions into your social media channels and website.

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